“ASM – Special Welding Materials” Ltd.

The company started in 2007 in Cherepovets, it is a subsidiary company of “Autospecmach” Ltd. It is equipped with a modern machinery. We use state-of-the-art production technologies, and all raw materials come from the best manufacturers. We offer more than 40 types of welding wire: self-shielded flux cored wire, gas-shielded and submerged arc welding wire. The wires have various application areas: furnace rolls, CCM rolls, forge and press equipment and dies, crushing and grinding equipment and etc.

In-house production and individual approach allow us to react faster to customer’s demand: chemical composition of deposited layer, package, delivery time. All problems are solved in one location, no chain of intermediates involved, orders are fulfilled faster, and we take full responsibilities as manufacturers and suppliers. Our modern laboratory and step-by-step quality control of ferro-alloys and metals ensure high quality and performance of the finished product.

In February 2016 another flux-cored wire production line was put into operation with the capacity to manufacture a smaller diameter wires of 1.6 mm., as well as standard diameter wires of 2.4, 3.2, 3.6 mm.

Our laboratory

The laboratory was opened in 2008 due to the necessity of testing the incoming raw materials used in the production of welding wire, as well as for testing of final products. Highly experienced laboratory personnel and modern equipment ensure precision of testing and excellent quality of manufactured wires.

Laboratory list of works:

1. Composition analysis of steel samples and welded deposits via spectral method (grade of steel identity)
2. Composition analysis of galvanic solutions for nickel coating (mass fraction of nickel, cobalt, boric acid, chlorides, pH).
3. Mass fraction analysis of carbon, sulfur in steeland ferro-alloys.
4. Mass fraction analysis of chrome, nickel in metalchips.
5. Chemical composition of ferro-alloys.
6. Mesh analysis (granulometric composition of
7. Hardness measurements.

The laboratory is certified and  inspected by  Federal State-Funded Institution “Cherepovetsky TSM» (certificate № 233/15  dd19.06.2015  valid till 19.06.2018).


Wire is made to European Standards

Manufacture at customer’s request

Work throughout Russia

Own production sites

More than 20 years of operational experience

Modern hi-tech production